IRS overlooks federal contractors with delinquent taxes

The Internal Revenue Service could have collected over $1 million from federal contractors who owe back taxes if it included them in a special levy program, according to a new report.

Trump’s Charlottesville uproar overshadows GOP tax roadshow

Top Republican tax writers went to a national shrine for tax cutters—former President Ronald Reagan’s California ranch—hoping to make a sales pitch for a historic overhaul of the U.S. tax code.

How tomorrow's managing partners will change the industry

Maureen Schwartz of BKR International suggests five ways young professionals will impact future leadership.

Riding the third wave of travel and expense management innovation

While solutions to help employees manage their travel-related expenses have evolved steadily over the past two decades, innovation in the space has really accelerated in the last five years.

Cloud security — from all angles

A CPA, CIO and CEO walk into a bar…and weigh in on why cybersecurity concerns are slowing adoption of more efficient technology.

Disruption is now: How firms are keeping up

Boomer consultants discuss blockchain, kicking regressive partners out and hiring non-traditional talent.

Trump says in tweet Amazon does ‘great damage’ to retailers

President Donald Trump once again unloaded on Inc., tweeting that the company is hurting other retailers and implying that it’s killing industry jobs across the U.S.

Eide Bailly holds fifth annual 'Resourcefullness Awards'

The Top 20 Firm is seeking submissions of top nonprofit revenue initiatives from across the country.

PwC fined $6.6M in largest-ever penalty from U.K. watchdog

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP was fined 5.1 million pounds ($6.6 million) for misconduct over its audit of RSM Tenon Group Plc in the largest-ever sanction issued by the U.K. accounting regulator.

IRS penalizes more taxpayers for underpayment of estimated taxes

The Internal Revenue Service has seen a surge in recent years of taxpayers underpaying their estimated taxes and paying the penalty for it.