CFOs don’t always qualify as finance leaders

Few CFOs give themselves high marks for effectiveness, and only a small proportion have the necessary traits to qualify as finance leaders, according to a new report.

NASBA announces Accounting Education Research Grants for 2017

This year’s topics, ranging from high school education to unconscious bias, will receive $25K in funds.

Senate GOP health bill to break with House on key points

The measure would eliminate Obamacare’s tax increases, including a 3.8 percent net investment income tax, a 2.3 percent levy on medical device sales, a 0.9 percent Medicare surtax and a 10 percent indoor tanning tax. But a tax on expensive “Cadillac” employer-provided plans would be delayed, as in the House measure.

Senate Republicans brace for release of health bill Thursday

Senate Republicans are beginning to learn the details of the health-care bill they may be asked to vote on next week, with senators saying the measure envisions a more gradual transition away from Obamacare than the House-passed version.

How time and attendance technology can benefit your small business clients

Accountants and other financial advisers know better than most how busy small business owners are and how much they value any advice, resources or tools that can help them save time, particularly on administrative tasks.

Walt Frazier meets the accountants

The NBA legend says star athletes need solid financial advice.

FASB proposes changes to consolidation guidance

The Financial Accounting Standards Board has proposed an accounting standards update to reduce the cost and complexity of financial reporting related to the consolidation of variable interest entities, based on recommendations from FASB’s sister organization, the Private Company Council.

Senate health plan draft relies on subsidies GOP has faulted

Senate Republicans’ proposal to replace Obamacare would provide an additional $50 billion over four years to stabilize insurance exchanges, relying on a mechanism Republicans have criticized in the past as a way to keep insurers in the marketplace.

In the blogs: Therefore I scam

Madoff victims still wait; suing the IRS anonymously; where tax dollars go; other highlights from our favorite tax bloggers.

House passes mobile workforce tax simplification bill

The House passed legislation Tuesday to simplify state income tax rules for employees who travel across state lines.